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At Eunexus, we have never believed there is a silver bullet for fraud. Fighting fraud is about building multiple defences, which can be adapted in a rapid manner. At the core of our philosophy is the belief that greater fraud intelligence and data is crucial to building an effective fraud detection and prevention framework.

We aim to source and deliver targeted fraud intelligence to our clients, which allows them to significantly improve their fraud detection results and reduce losses. Our intelligence systems are designed to be effective, complimentary and rapidly deployable into enterprise fraud intelligence systems.

Our intelligence will provide your organisation with real-time information that can incrementally improve your existing fraud detection and reduce losses. It is intended to give our clients an extra edge in the battle against fraud.

Read more about how Eunexus Fraud Intelligence Systems can help reduce your fraud exposure.

Eunexus' specialist fraud consultants have a broad range of industry experience and are available for short and long term engagements - please visit the Eunexus Professional Services page for additional information.

Due to the nature of the different fraud Intelligence services we provide our clients, there is limited information we can provide on our website. For a more detailed discussion, please feel free to contact us.

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 Eunexus warns of growing business fraud. (August 2011)
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What's in a name?
 eunexus (pronounced 'you nexus')
The term Eunexus is derived from Latin, meaning:
  1. to form a good partnership, a solid connection or link
  2. a series or group of connections

We believe it represents our client first philosophy, and partnered approach to fighting fraud.