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Eunexus Fraud Intelligence


Our flagship systems are simple, proven, easy to deploy fraud intelligence solutions. These provide your organisation with real-time intelligence that can improve existing fraud detection and reduce losses.

Internet Intelligence

One of the core requirements of any online fraud detection system should be IP intelligence. At Eunexus, we have a custom built IP intelligence feed which focuses purely on delivering fraud detection benefits to financial organisations. This is a flagship Eunexus product, released in 2004, and is used by banking and finance clients across the globe to enhance existing detection systems.

It is a simple, proven and easy to deploy system which provides a clear, calculated return on investment.

Contact us for a copy of our product sheet or for more information about our IP intelligence systems and learn why our IP intelligence continually out performs that of our competitors.

Compromise Cards Engine

Eunexus has designed an in-house data engine which can significantly enhance your card fraud detection. This operates in a similar way to an intelligence feed, by comparing your data against our intelligence lists to help you locate fraud trends faster and more efficiently. This engine can complement and enhance your existing card detection system and rules.

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